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You’re special, unique and different. You’re an individual. You have your own agenda, your own reasons for training and your own goals.

Training+ is about creating tailored personal training programmes that work for you and get results.

Take things to a whole new level:

Training+ sessions are not like your everyday routines. They’re different every time, and every trainer has their own take on things.

Get pushed

No more excuses. We’ll give you an appointment to keep and help keep things fun and interesting. And when you see the results – you’ll have all the motivation you need.

Get educated

Every day’s a school day here. Whether you’re just starting out you or are a bit of an expert yourself, we can show you how to improve your technique and give you the low down on all the latest training styles.

Get results

Tailored workout programmes, personal coaching, on-going motivation, dietary advice and regular assessments all add up to one thing – you reaching your goals.

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