• Spacious, well equipped gyms including ladies only
  • We'll get you in a spin, loads of bikes, loads of classes
  • We'll help pull you along, we employ friendly staff, you get advice and guidance
  • Massive group exercise timetable, including Bodypump, Zumba, Metafit, Insanity
  • All kinds of weights, no waiting around

Welcome to KENTS Fitness, Bradford’s Premier independent, family run fitness centre!

Our aim is to help everybody, regardless of their shape or size to achieve their personal fitness goals. Kents Fitness boasts a stylish and well equipped facility that rivals the large national operators, but at the same time offers a friendly, family-run club atmosphere.

Take a look around and see what Kents Fitness is about. Pop in any time and one of the team will be happy to show you around.